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Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA
Manufacturer: Thomas Hooker Brewery
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 72
Hooker's creamy IPA emphasizes traditional West Coast Chinook and Cascade hops which produces a hophead's delight of a brew: just-right complexity that's not too sweet or over-the-top with hops.

Thomas Hooker Octoberfest
Manufacturer: Thomas Hooker Brewery
ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 16
This amber beer was brewed in March ("Marzenbier") and left to age in cool lagering caves during the heat of the summer. Our rich and satisfying Bavarian-style OctoberFest comes from a special blend of imported German malts that creates a full-bodied brew and stresses a malty flavor and lingering aroma. Gently hopped and delicately balanced, its true-to-style, slow fermentation and long, cold maturation produces a luxuriously smooth, award-winning brew.

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