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2 Brothers Variety Case
Manufacturer: 2 Brothers Brewing Co

Abita Party Pack
Manufacturer: Abita Brewing
Variety Case

Appalachian Brewing Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Appalachian Brewing

Arcadia Variety
Manufacturer: Arcadia

Atlantic Variety
Manufacturer: Atlantic Brewing

Avery Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Avery Brewing

Beers of Mexico
Manufacturer: Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma
Avaiable only in summer months. Beers included in this variety: Sol, Dos Equis Amber, Dos Equis Lager, and Tecate.

Bell's Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Bells Brewing

Best of Belguim Variety
Manufacturer: InBev
holds hoegaarden, leffe blonde, & stella Artois

Black Dog Variety
Manufacturer: Spanish Peaks
micro from california

Blue Moon Variety
Manufacturer: Coors Brewing Company

Boulder Variety
Manufacturer: Boulder Brewing

Breckenridge Sampler Case
Manufacturer: Breckenridge

Brooklyn Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Brooklyn Brewery

Celis Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Michigan Brewing

Central Waters Rookery Variety
Manufacturer: Central Waters Brewing Company
from amherst, wisconson

Chimay Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Chimay

Dominion Rack Pack Variety
Manufacturer: Old Dominion

Duck Rabbit Variety
Manufacturer: Duck Rabbit
micro from north carolina

Dundee Craft Pack
Manufacturer: Gennessee
made in new york

Erie Brewing Variety
Manufacturer: Erie Brewing Co.

Firestone Walker Variety
Manufacturer: Firestone Walker

Flying Dog Canis Variety
Manufacturer: Flying Dog Brewery
A variety of high alcohol beers

Flying Dog Mix Pack
Manufacturer: Flying Dog Brewery
Includes Road Dog Porter, In-Heat Hefe, Tire Bite Ale, Snake Dog IPA, Doggie Pale Ale.

Flying Fish Variety
Manufacturer: Flying Fish

Fordham Variety
Manufacturer: Fordham Brewery

Fort Collins Variety
Manufacturer: Fort Collins Brewery

Founders Variety
Manufacturer: Founders Brewery
micro from michigan

Frankenmuth Variety
Manufacturer: Frankenmuth Brewery
Variety Case out of Michigan

Geary's Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Geary's Brewing Co
from portland, maine

Great Divide Brewers Picks
Manufacturer: Great Divide
Denver, Colorodo microbrewery

Great Lakes Sampler Pack
Manufacturer: Great Lakes
micro from ohio

Gritty McDuff's Variety Case
Manufacturer: Gritty McDuffs

Harpoon Mix Pack
Manufacturer: Harpoon
American Variety Pack

Harpoon UFO Mix Pack
Manufacturer: Harpoon

Heavy Seas Sampler
Manufacturer: Clipper City

Ipswich Variety
Manufacturer: Mercury brewing company
micro from massachusetts

Konningshoeven Variety
Manufacturer: Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoven
Netherlands variety pack

Lakefront Variety
Manufacturer: Lakefront Brewery Inc
American variety from milwaukee, wisconson

Leinenkugel Adventure Pack
Manufacturer: Leinenkugel
4 different styles in one 24pack case

Long Trail Survival Pack
Manufacturer: Long Trail Brewing Co.
4 different beers in a 24pk case-vermont

McNeill's Variety Case
Manufacturer: McNeill's Brewery

Mendocino Variety
Manufacturer: Mencocino Brewing
4 different beers in a 24pk case from california

Middle Ages Variety
Manufacturer: Middle Ages
from new york

Otter Creek Sampler
Manufacturer: Otter Creek
Vermont made

Peak Variety Case
Manufacturer: Peak Organic Brewing

Penn Gourmet Selection
Manufacturer: Penn Brewing Company

Point Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Stevens Point Brewery

Red Hook Variety
Manufacturer: Redhook Brewery

River Horse Variety
Manufacturer: River Horse

Rock Art Variety
Manufacturer: Rock Art Brewery

Roy Pitz Variety
Manufacturer: Roy Pitz Brewing Company
from chambersburg, pennsylvania

Samuel Adams Harvest Variety
Manufacturer: Boston Beer Co.

Samuel Adams Summer Styles
Manufacturer: Boston Beer Co.

Saranac Trail Mix
Manufacturer: Matt Brewing Co.
Variety case

Sea Dog Motley Crew Variety
Manufacturer: Sea Dog Brewing

Shipyard Captains Variety
Manufacturer: Shipyard Brewing Co.

Sly Fox Variety
Manufacturer: Sly Fox Brewing Co.

Southampton Variety Case
Manufacturer: Southhampton

Southern Tier Variety
Manufacturer: Southern Tier

Spanish Peak Dog House Variety
Manufacturer: Spanish Peak

Spaten Assortment Pack
Manufacturer: Spaten/Fraziskaner

Sprecher Variety Pack
Manufacturer: Sprecher Brewing Company

St Bernardus Variety Case
Manufacturer: Brouwerij St. Bernardus

Steamworks Variety
Manufacturer: Steamworks Brewing Company

Stoudts Variety
Manufacturer: Stoudt Brewing Co.

Sudwerk Variety
Manufacturer: Sudwerk Brewery
micro from davis, california

Summit Variety
Manufacturer: Summit Brewing

Terrapin Variety
Manufacturer: Terrapin Beer Company

Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Xmas
Manufacturer: Thirsty Dog Brewing

Thomas Hooker Variety
Manufacturer: Thomas Hooker Brewery

Tommyknocker Sampler Case
Manufacturer: Tommyknocker Brewery
A variety pack with six distinctive brews.

Troegs Sampler Case
Manufacturer: Troegs
Pennsylvania Beer. There are two samplers avaiable. The first is Troegs Anthology #1 which comes out in the Spring/Summer and includes Troegs HopBack Amber Ale, DreamWeaver Wheat Ale, Pale Ale, and Sunshine Pils. The second is Troegs Anthology #2 which comes out in the Fall/Winter and includes Troegs HopBack Amber Ale, DreamWeaver Wheat Ale, Pale Ale, and JavaHead.

Unibrew Variety
Manufacturer: Unibroue

Van Steenberge Variety
Manufacturer: Brouwerij Van Steenberge

Manufacturer: UAB Svyturys

Victory Variety
Manufacturer: Victory Brewing
ABV: Varies
Variety case includes Victory Hop Devil, Prima Pils, Victory Lager, and the infamous Golden Monkey.

Voodoo Variety
Manufacturer: Voodoo Brewing Co.
micro from pennsylvania

Weyerbacher Big Beer Variety
Manufacturer: Weyerbacher Brewing Co.
Variety case including Blithering Idiot (11.1% ABV)- Barley Wine Style Ale, Double Simcoe IPA (9.0% ABV), Merry Monks' Ale (9.3% ABV)- Belgian style Abby Tripel Ale, and Old Heathen (8.0% ABV)- Imperial Stout.

Wolaver's Sampler
Manufacturer: Otter Creek
Variety Case

Woodchuck Variety
Manufacturer: Bulmers Limited

Yards Ales Of The Revolution
Manufacturer: Yards Brewing Co.
Variety pack from Pennsylvania whch includes the Washington Porter, Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce and the Thomas Jefferson Ale.

Yards Variety Case
Manufacturer: Yards Brewing Co.

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